5 Tips To Use ‘INSTAGRAM’ For Your ‘BOOM’ In Business

#STEP 1: Find new Instagram Accounts to Target!- Start Using hashtags for the most used terms in your industry

#STEP 2:Spend about 30 seconds scrolling through their account(s) and understanding their likes, dislikes and activity.

If the relationship between their following and their engagement is strong, that means that they have their audience’s ATTENTION

Look at their posts and consider: Do they interact? Do they engage? Do they post regularly? Do their fans like them?

This is the key to success.


#STEP3:You all need to be doing this 10–100–500 times a day.

I remember the day when CEO’s were sending out email newsletters and marketing themselves

The first 200 might say no, or nothing at all, but the next person might say “yes” and then you business develop and things start happening.


#STEP4:But DM is just the entry point. You have to make sure your Instagram account and your execution is on point. You can’t just DM Chance and have no prior experience and say I want to make videos for you.


#STEP5:You have to show that you can execute and provide value

Making a video on Instagram may literally take you 10 minutes from concept to execution. If you are just starting, frequency of content is more important than quality. You just have to put something out and see how the world reacts. Then you can learn and grow.